Profiles of great people I've met over the years who are making a difference with the world's children and youth.

Thanks to all who left comments or sent emails about my first SuperPals profile on the incomparable Jennifer Corriero.  Her work with TakingITGlobal continues to amaze me, and her energy and passion for youth empowerment is an inspiration.  I encourage all readers to visit the TIG website, and for teachers and school leaders to participate in the many meaningful projects that are available there.

Up next, my extraordinary friend, Peg Herbert, the founder and executive director of Help Lesotho.  There are a few people in this world who have such a beautiful, caring spirit that one can almost touch the goodness around them.  One of these is Peg, whose Canadian NGO is literally saving lives in the tiny African kingdom of Lesotho.  I am so proud to share her story, as I know that you, too, will be touched by her kind heart, her persistant commitment and her ability to deliver help in one of the most impoverished countries on the globe, a nation racked by the AIDS crisis.

My profile on Peg Herbet will be posted in the days ahead!  For now, please enjoy this video that highlights Help Lesotho’s incredible presence in Africa and in the world.



Comments on: "Between SuperPals … Thoughts!" (2)

  1. Thank you for highlighting African countries. Something very close to my heart.

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