Profiles of great people I've met over the years who are making a difference with the world's children and youth.

About John McLaughlin

I am superintendent of School District 15, which covers the northeastern coast of New Brunswick, Canada, and includes the communities of Bathurst, Belledune, Dalhousie and Campbellton.  I have a keen interest in New Millennium Learning, and in particular, in the are of Internataional Collaborative Projects.  I’ve met some amazing people over the course of my career, and this blog will showcase some of them.


Comments on: "About John McLaughlin" (5)

  1. 21stcenturymirror said:

    Good Idea John! Love the concept. I can think of someone right off the bat! She’s in your neighborhood and back in the game!

  2. Kathleen McLaughlin said:

    Very proud of my father!

  3. Seems like a pretty good idea John highlighting the good deeds that people contribute to society. I really love inspirational stories about people and how they contribute to society.

    I like how you highlight people and have interview with them. I wanted to do something similiar when I start my photo blog and highlight pics from amateurs, pro and basically everybody. Along with my pics.

    But one blog at a time first.
    Good Luck

    Here is a great story if you get a chance to look the guy up.

    He built a windmill basically from scrap in a third world country, it was a great book, you need to read it.

    Got to run.

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